The real issue is
value, not price.”

Robert T. Lindgren

The real issue is
value, not price.”

Robert T. Lindgren

Prices communicated to you shall be expressed in Lei + VAT by referring to a text page in the target language, comprising 1,500 characters without spaces (standard page). The minimum pricing unit is one page. For documents having more than one page the charges applied are calculated according to the number of characters, as may be seen from the example below, by rounding.

E.g.: If the translation performed has 14364 characters, the amount paid by the Beneficiary is calculated as follows:
(14364/1500) x charge in Lei/page=10 pages x charge in Lei/page

The charges for translation services include: managing the project by a project manager, drawing up specialised glossaries for the purpose of observing terminological consistency, self-reviewing by the translator, having the translation corrected by a desktop publisher, carrying out the graphical processing of the text by keeping the original format (desktop publishing), delivering translations in electronic format (CD) or on paper support.

Rates are valid for the following formats of source and target files: word, excel or ppt..

In the event of documents that have already been translated by the Beneficiary, on which the service provider intervenes subsequently by making changes and additions, translation charges are applied only to changed/added segments. Changes or additions shall be marked each time by FokusTrad using the Track Changes option (MsWord option for marking changes made in a document).

According to the legal provisions in force, in the case of documents translated from one foreign language into another and which are notarised, the intermediary Romanian version, signed and stamped by the certified translator performing the translation (from the foreign language into Romanian) must be enclosed with the translation concerned. In such case, for the translating and proofreading services from one foreign language into another, the price corresponding to each foreign language involved is charged.

Proofreading service means checking a translation already carried out by the Beneficiary, with a view to having it certified by an authorised translator/notarising it by a Notary. For the purpose of proofreading, the Beneficiary needs to have the already translated material in editable electronic format. Proofreading charges are applied to documents that do not have more than 20 errors per page. Otherwise, translation charges shall be applied.


FokusTrad applies the following deadlines and rates in event of rush services

Number of pages

Day of order

Next business day

3rd business day

5th business day

10th business day

1 – 10


Normal charge

11 – 30



Normal charge



Normal charge

Over 100



Normal charge

1-10 pages

+50%, day of order
Normal charge, nexy business day

11-30 pages

+100%, day of order
+50%, next business day
Normal charge, 3rd business day

31-100 pages

+40%, 3rd business day
Normal charge, 5th business day

Over 100 pages

+50%, 3rd business day
+40%, 5th business day
Normal charge, 10th business day

Rush rates are applied only if the Beneficiary requests in writing the performance of translating services under emergency conditions. Emergency rates are applied both to translating, as well as to proofreading.

Within the above-mentioned time intervals the time necessary for the notarisation of documents is also included (if the Beneficiary requests such notarisation).

Rates charged for notarising the translator’s signature

The notarisation of the translator’s signature is carried out only upon the express request of the Beneficiary. The rate charged for the notarisation of the translator’s signature is the price of the Notary service that is affixed to the notarised document (courier service rendered for notarisation is free of charge). The notarisation price may be changed according to the minimum charges imposed by the Chamber of Notaries Public, the main regulatory body in the Notary field.


Contract and volume rates, fixed prices and discounts may be subject to negotiation and may be agreed for large projects. If you are interested in a non-binding estimate, please send us an e-mail attaching the file to be translated.

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